Name of the writer


Date of birth

14th January, 1960

Place of birth

Kanpur, UP, India (permanently settled in Netherlands)


Collection of poems

Shabd bankar rahti hain rituen, 1997

Akshat, 2002

Eishwarashish, 2005

Hridaya ki hatheli, 2007

Ras gagan gupha me ajhar jharai, 2007

Antardhwani, 2009

Dev vriksha, 2009

Shail pratimaon se, 2010

Tum ho mujhme, 2013

Shabdon me Rahti hai Wah, 2014


Aadhunik hindi kavyalochna ke sau varsh, 2006

Collection of shortstories

Gokharoo, 2002

Janm, 2011


Sanskritik aalok se samvad, 2006


Surinam, 2003

Surinam, 2009

The edited books

Kavita Surinam, 2003

Katha Surinam, 2003

Dosti ki chah, Poems of Jeet narain, 2004

The Nagri script for biginers, 2003

Poems in English and Dutch languages

In woordenbestaat ze, 2008

Het beeld in de rots, 2010

The statue in the rock, 2010

Dev Vriksha (Poems in English)

Research book

Hindi Teaching in Caribbean countries, 2004

Surinam ka srijnatmak Sahitya, 2012

Awards and felicitations

Antarrashtriya agyeya sahitya samman, 2002, Rupambara, India

Carrabin Rashtriya Hindi Sewa Puraskar, 2004, Hindi Prachar Sanstha, Guyana

Laxmimalla Singhwi antarrashtriya kavita puraskar, 2004, U.K. Hindi Smiti, London

Rashtriya Hindi Sewa puraskar, 2005, Arya Prantik Sabha, Surinam

Surinam hindi Sewa samman, 2005, Surinam Hindi Parishad

Rashtriya Sahitya Puraskar, 2007 Rupambra, India

Shamsher samman, 2008, India

Kiran women achievement award, 2013

Vatayan samman for poetry, 2013,London

Other literary achievements

Dr. Pushpita Awasthi can not be termed with a certain discipline. As a world traveler, poetess, writer, educator, editor, professor and a diplomat, Professor Pushpita Awasthi has got eminent position in literary Arena of Hindi world. Educated in J. Krishnamurti foundation and BHU, Varanasi, Dr. Pushpita has been associated as Head of Department of Hindi in Vasanta collage for women, Rajghat, Varanasi. While associated with Krishnamurti foundation, She edited Parisamvad, a periodical of the foundation. She has handled many translations of the lectures of Krishnamurti and also edited a few books of Krishnamurti.

The poems and articles of Pushpita Awasthi are published in the reputed journals of India. Her poems have widely been translated into Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian languages. Her collection of poems titled Hridaya Ki Hathili(Palm of the Heart) has been brought in Bengali.

From 2001 to 2005 Dr. Pushpita has been associated with the Indian Embassy, Paramaribo, Surinam as first secretary and professor in Hindi.

Being in Surinam, she established Surinam Sahitya mitra and Surinam vidyaniwas Sahitya Sanstha.

She established Caribbean Hindi Sansthan in 2003 under aegis of Surinam Hindi Parishad.

Organized World Hindi Conference

She organized 7th world Hindi conference in Surinam in 2003, where in she compeered various academic sessions.

In 2006, professor Pushpita Awasthi established Hindi Universe foundation of which she is director.

Professor Pushpita is actively publicizing the Indian culture as well as Hindi language and literature in the countries of Indian origin and is honorary member of various institutions.

Dr.Pushpita Awasthi is Examiner of PhD Degree and Dissertations in Hindi Language and Literature in various Universities abroad.

She is also member of Indian Diasporas organizations all over world.

She has made documentaries on the culture and the nature of Surinam and a short film on the Life and literature of Shrilal shukla , Vidyaniwas mishra and Shivprasad singh,reputed writers which were telecast by Lucknow Doordarshan.


Professor Pushita Awasthi has delivered many lecturers in various universities on human culture and Indian culture and recited poems at various Caribbean countries of the world including Europe, America, South America, Japan, Australia etc.

Worth Mentioning

Pushpita Awasthi has a large range of variety of poetry and while taking care of indianness in her poems she has also created a poetic world of her own. She has depicted Caribbean soil, seas, rivers and various poets in her poems. She has nicely composed love poems in which she has shown a close relation with all the human being of the world and exhibited the philosophy of VASUDHAV KUTUMBKAM.

Websites for Pushpita Awasthi's writings

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